causingmischief: (smile 2)
Loki of Asgard [MCU] ([personal profile] causingmischief) wrote 2014-12-22 07:10 am (UTC)

Thor should be grateful since he's getting has Loki and oil both. If nothing else, the luxury will make Loki pleased. The oil makes the water softer in a way, so when Loki's hand brushes Thor's chest, it slides smoothly over his skin.

After his small victory with the oil, Loki is content enough to let Thor guide him as he wishes, and his lips part easily in their kiss. Everything about this is unexpectedly comfortable. It can't last, not with the consequences ahead of them, but just for now, Loki leans in and grasps Thor's arm to pull closer.

"Returned with oil," Loki corrects, barely pulling back enough to say it. He grins against Thor's lips for a moment, relaxing with the heat and growing playful, and soon leaning in again for more.

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