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Loki of Asgard [MCU] ([personal profile] causingmischief) wrote 2014-12-19 06:45 am (UTC)

Loki responds with a judgmental frown. His brother has no taste for the luxuries of life.

"You'll thank me," he says with a smug air of certainty as he walks over. After pouring a generous amount into the water, he sets the oil on the side of the bath, grasps the edge of the tub, and smoothly slips back into the water with barely a splash.

The warmth pulls a slow, heavy exhale from him. Cold harsh enough to strip away his skin doesn't bother him, but there's still pleasure in the enveloping warmth of a hot bath.

The tub is large, spacious enough that Loki could sit at the other end and, with some clever posing, not bump into Thor's bulk. Instead, his knees part over his brother's legs as soon as he's in the water, and he slides over to lean back against the tub edge beside him. His legs are tangled with Thor's, like it's the most natural thing, like they always do this -- though they haven't. Even after a thousand years, some things are tantalizingly new.

And the oil is perfect.

"Mmm, better."

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