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Bathing [closed]

[Closed for [personal profile] draperies.]
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Loki isn't getting in the bath.

Or rather, he isn't getting back in the bath, as he's currently dripping water all over Thor's bathroom floor while going through his brother's things.

Just because Thor might be satisfied with just hot water didn't mean Loki would settle. Thor must have some suitable bath oils in here, though Loki dreads that his brother will somehow prove him wrong on this. Loki's also given him some, and he wouldn't be surprised if Thor never used them all and they were still lurking about.

"Finally," Loki mutters in victory, lifting a cruet of decent oil and unstopping the top to check. He plods back over to the bath with it, though most of the water that clung to him before is already all over the floor.
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"Brother--" Of all the things to fuss about, this is truly what Loki decides upon? There's a touch of exasperation to his voice as he watches his brother go through his things, dripping upon the floor like he doesn't care at all.

And of course he doesn't.

"Is oil really so important?" He demands. He hadn't gotten out. He wasn't leaving the warmth of the water for such a thing.

"You've made a mess for such a small thing."