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IC/OOC Permissions, Shipping, and More


CHARACTER SERIES: Marvel Cinematic Universe / The Avengers / Thor


Backtagging: Yes, definitely.
Threadhopping: If it's action-style chatting, sure. Otherwise, please ask.
Fourthwalling: Preferably not, unless the post is like that.
Offensive subjects: Sure, as long as it's IC. Open to subjects of violence, explicit injuries, sexual violence, dubcon/noncon, incest, and species prejudice (re: Loki being a Frost Giant). If Loki's in female form, then I'm probably not interested in blatant misogyny against her. See also approved kinks below. If you're unsure, feel free to ask.

Writing Style: I prefer prose style, third person, present tense.


Hugging this character: Well, he probably won't kill you for it.
Kissing this character: Same.
Flirting with this character: Yes, he'll love it.
Shipping and more: See section below.
Fighting with this character: Yes, it's expected. Loki will likely avoid a physical fight with anyone he considers a real threat. But if you've got reason to, feel free to punch him in the face.
Injuring this character: Yes, but let me decide if an attack lands. Severely injuring Loki is very difficult, both because of his physical durability and his skill, but if your character's capable, it's fine.
Killing this character: Preferably not. Loki's most likely to fake his death if it comes to something like this.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, give it a try, but let me decide if anything more than superficial reading is successful. Being a magic user, Loki might be aware of the attempt, block it, or even feed your character complete lies. Additionally, Loki has more than a thousand years of memories to sift through, in addition to a very damaged psyche, so please factor that in and consider how well your character’s powers will work on him. I'm happy to provide info in narrative.

Warnings: Loki can be deceptively charming and genuinely gentle, but also volatile and dangerous and an outright liar. His mood can change abruptly. He isn't into senseless carnage and he doesn't really have a bloodlust, but he's not afraid of carnage or blood to get what he wants when he has a goal in mind. He’s extremely adept at using magic and he's an excellent fighter. If there's anything you want to avoid, or anything you want more of, please just let me know - he's versatile, so I don't mind changing it up.


Shipping: Thor, Sigyn, Amora, Lorelei, Clint, and the rest of the MCU Avengers are always and unquestionably welcome. Canonmates preferred, assumed CR is welcome. Loki is bisexual and will take partners of various sexes/genders. Open to M/M and M/F - and F/F (Loki can shapeshift).

Smut: Sure, preferably with above ships, canonmates, or after CR. Preference for some sort of emotional development or plot going on in addition to the smut.

Kinks: Comfortable with plenty, see below. If you're unsure, feel free to ask.
    Anal sex (giving or receiving, men or women)
    Vaginal sex (giving, or receiving if Loki’s in female form)
    Oral sex (giving or receiving)
    Incest (any - siblings, parent/child; applies to adoptive and bio family, and his offspring)
    Fluff or Prickly Fluff
    Rough sex
    Rough sex resulting in minor injury
    Minor non-sexual injury (e.g. bruising, cutting, stabbing - it’s minor to him)
    Dubcon/Noncon (preferably victim, but could be perpetrator)
    Restraints / light bondage
    Pregnancy (female partner, or Loki in female form)
    Breeding (female partner, or Loki in female form)
    Mpreg (Loki)
    Omegaverse, A/B/O dynamics (Loki can be any, some preference for omega, but it depends on the scenario or ship)
    Loki shape-shifting/being genderfluid - male, female, intersex, etc.
    In water - rivers, lakes, etc.
    Sexual exhaustion
    Sleepy sex (middle of the night, first thing in the morning)
    Somnophilia (one person's asleep or unconscious)
    Possessiveness (being possessed, though he'll put up lip service about not liking it)
    Protectiveness (being protected, might be protective of others)
    Jealousy (either role, note that this comes with Loki being a more massive jerk than usual)

    Maybe / Depends on scenario or ship / Let’s discuss first:
    Moderate injury (e.g. substantially cutting skin, breaking bones, physical abuse)
    Watersports (piss enemas okay, let's discuss others)
    Loss of intelligence (it's okay to happen, but I'd rather skip past it to when they come back to themselves)
    Amnesia, Loss of memory (only one person, not both)

    Any other bathroom stuff
    Severe injury or maiming (e.g. cutting things off, taking out eyes... it could happen in a thread, but not a smutty one)*
    Misogyny, Degradation, extreme Humiliation

    *For severe noncon threads with severe injury or maiming, I'm open to roleplaying them but probably not for the purpose of sexytimes, so they won't be played for the smut. There won't be any lingering on anything sexual in them.

Here are permissions for shared backstories that aren't established in canon. Everything's adjustable -- just feel free to look here for inspiration or starting points. Assumed CR is generally welcome, as long as it doesn't conflict with the events of Loki's first two movies.

Canon Asgardians: With a thousand years of history, there are many blanks to fill in. Very open and adjustable for everyone Loki knew prior to the events of Thor. He probably wasn't as bad as he was in comics canon or mythology, and preferably never cut Sif's hair.

Characters from Loki's mythology/comics: Happy to start with a shared backstory loosely based on the original relationship, so go ahead. My main concern is to preserve the traumatic disaster of the MCU canon, but everything else can be worked with. Amora and Lorelei are notably welcome.

Sleipnir, Fenrir, Jormungand, and Hela, Loki's children from mythology: I see this in one of two ways: (1) these "children" were creations of technology and magic, or (2) they're his actual children. In threads where they exist as his children, Loki cares deeply for them. He harbors deep resentment towards Odin for taking them from him (and/or keeping him from them), and he regrets not being able to have been a better parent. I'm happy with either the kids being born in their mythological monstrous forms, or born normal and changed into those forms (by Odin, who myth-canonically changed one of Loki's kids into a wolf anyway), but with slight preference for the latter. Loki tried to be a good son in an attempt to get his children back the "proper" way, but following the events of the first movie and learning of his heritage, Loki's realized that was never possible and feels deep shame for his naivete. Exact parentage is up to the kid RPers, but please note that Angrboda being a Jotun is difficult with Loki's MCU canon. Loki being the one who birthed them is welcome.

Sigyn, Loki's wife from mythology: I'm happy to assume an MCU-based backstory with a Sigyn. The details will depend on your take of her, but assuming she's the kindhearted and devoted woman from comics/mythology, feel free to assume any of following:
  • Years of established friendship beginning in childhood.
  • Loki pulling her on little private non-dangerous adventures (sneaking off world? sneaking her into private palace libraries? getting her away from required functions and preventing her return so they can have fun instead because that function is boring and look Sigyn aren't the stars beautiful up here? No, don't worry, Theoric isn't even down there waiting for you, he totally had to leave, didn't he tell you?) and getting her (or more likely just himself) in trouble and feeling terrible about it, but then totally doing it again next chance he got. Preferably without Sigyn actually being upset about any of this.
  • Semi-formal courtship, though never a proposal -- the reasons being both personal and political.
    • Private sexual relationship
    • Whether or not others (e.g. Frigga, Thor, Sif, the W3, etc.) supported the courtship, though I tend to default that they didn't think Loki was serious about it -- except Frigga, who probably supported it.
    • Loki's subtle (not openly cruel) mocking of her suitor Theoric, who is a brute and is obviously not good enough for Sigyn despite what Odin thinks.
    • Odin would not have supported the courtship, which Loki assumed was because they were young and his older brother had not yet taken a wife. But in retrospect, Loki bitterly attributes this to Odin not wanting the Jotun prince to have trueborn children.
  • Loki valuing her intelligence in whatever areas she’s skilled, e.g. politics, magic use, being at court, history, etc.
  • If Sigyn is nobility or aristocracy, and/or if she's Vanir, all the political headcanons! Especially in regards to Vanaheim and Asgard having strained relations after Lady Frigga’s death.
  • P.S. Loki's still a jerk sometimes, though probably much less with Sigyn than with others (provided he doesn’t feel rejected by her)
Talk to me before:
  • Formal proposals
  • Marriage
  • Children (Nari and Vali or any others, in or out of wedlock, alive or dead)
  • Loki murdering Theoric
Not interested in:
  • Loki being physically abusive
  • Loki pining while Sigyn remains uninterested/distant, since I don't think that would end well at all.

Other Characters and OCs: Case by case, depending on the scenario. Giving me a quick rundown of what their past interaction might be like and what Loki would get out of their interaction would be extremely helpful. I like going into threads with at least some context.

Note: Loki can be a dick for no reason. If it's too strong (either for IC reasons or for OOC enjoyment), bounce ideas with me, I'm probably up for changing things up or trying a different scenario where Loki will be in a calmer mindset. Loki's mood is very changeable, so this isn't a problem.

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